Window Accessories to Add Safety and Style to your Home

We are lucky to be living in the modern age because of the many choices available for just about anything. In the design world, in particular, a plethora of options are at hand. But a lot of people, when designing their space, tend to be overshadowed by the wealth of styles available. Security is a secondary concern.

Both style and security should be prioritized when it comes to entryways to the house. A thief won’t bother giving a second look to your beautiful French windows. By considering both, you will appreciate the beauty of your space in the morning and sleep peacefully at night knowing that your whole family is safe.


Blinds provide another level of privacy to your space. Not only that, it can protect your family from burglars and accolade your décor and ornaments inside. It adds beauty to your windows inside and outside as well. Blinds come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Blinds won’t also compromise your ventilation as it can be opened in different angles to suit your preference.


The smallest oversight can make a thief’s intentions a success or failure. Locks are the front-runner of security. And the only purpose of your windows when they are closed is to protect you from the outside disturbances. Some window styles like fixed windows or picture windows don’t need locks. But those that do should have impregnable locks. Deadbolt, vinyl, and key-controlled locks are great options.


Windows with large panels allow for the maximum amount of light to enter a room. But unfortunately, they also allow for a maximum chance of security risk. If safety is your utmost concern, then window bars will give you a great deal of protection. They further fortify your windows and your house. Intruders will have a hard time if not the hardest in infiltrating your home. Window bars can add to the design aesthetic of your home as well. You can search the internet for some inspiration or ask your contractor about it.


Also known as window shutters, louvers provide privacy to any space in your house. The rails are horizontal while the stiles are vertical. They can control the amount of light that comes in. Most louvers are fixed and solid. But there are adjustable ones available nowadays. They can function like blinds in a way that you can control the amount of light you need. They are cost-effective and they add another layer of design and style to your windows. Louvers are simplistic which makes them perfect for any type of window shape or style. But there are different colors available so you can make yours more customized.

The safety and security of your family should not be taken lightly. Securing entryways in your ways is the first step. In case of fire or other accidents that will come from inside your house, an egress window should be installed. Building regulations also mandate that one or more should be installed in every house especially if there is a basement built. Call Egress Window Minneapolis or your local contractor for more information about egress windows and their importance.

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